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About Us

WANDA Model and Talent House is a Centurion based Model and Talent Agency/Academy. We find gifted youngsters and partnership with them through the process of discovering them, training them and then promoting them so that they can turn their dreams into achievements.


We actively recruit both inexperienced and experienced models and talent. We recruit from schools and communities and through referrals. Our Facebook page is active and we receive many enquiries through out Social Media regarding our training and promotion events. 


Based on the experience level of the individual, we then formulate a plan to equip you with the skills you need so that we can promote your to our clients. We have a range of training courses available to prepare you for potential work. We also have in-house events which we use to provide you with the experience confidence you need for any future opportunities.


WANDA Model and Talent House has relationships with various Photographers, Fashion Designers and Casting Agencies who make regular use of our models and talent. They also are represented in our in-house events giving our models and talent more exposure for further opportunities.

WANDA Model and Talent House offers our models to Booking and Casting Agents for Fashion, Television, Film, Print, Digital and Online shoots and Promotional Events.

While we are passionate about developing talent, we are focused on delivering a professional product to our current and future clients. 

We have a range of beautiful and talented individuals ready to meet your individual requirements and provide a great experience.


Where Anything is Possible

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